Tuesday, June, 27 2017

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  • Letter from the Editor: On Journalism Beyond The Doors To The Newsroom

    Compounded by a crippled economy, other students now find their positions at AUC jeopardized by the depth of Egypt’s foreign currency crisis and the administration’s decision to spike tuition fees.

  • Ghosts, Witches and Wizards at the New Cairo Campus?

    Caravaners Nadine Awadalla and Nada Selim investigated what AUCians know of Halloween traditions and the persistent rumors of students gone missing in underground tunnels.

  • بالعربي

    كتبت: سلمى عبد الله إنه الفصل الدراسي الثاني لي كمحررة في القسم العربي للقافلة. خلال فترة التحضير للجريدة لهذا الفصل وأثناء بحث كل المحررين بالجريدة عن أفكار جديدة للتواصل مع القراء بشكل أكبر ولتطوير مستوى الجريدة، كنت أنا بافكر في موضوع ثاني تمامًا وكل ما كان يشغل بالي هو سؤال واحد: أنا هاحرر مقالات لمين؟ […]

  • Why are we being sexually harassed … by other women?

    It has reached a point where some women offend their female equivalents while others express their approval of men’s harassment by rewarding such abuse with laughter.

  • That Girl’s Not Walking Behind Him

    Odds are, Clooney is the man walking behind Amaluddin.

  • The Oppressed Men of Egypt

    Egyptians view men who express their emotions openly or- God forbid- cry, as unmanly and weak. This causes men to bottle up everything inside leading to a possible nervous breakdown or heart attack.

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November 7, 2016 @ 12:50 pm

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