Visual Dispatches from The Caravan’s Photojournalism Crew

Perhaps more than print, images have had the potential to transform the world. From wartime photography to prison portraitures to snapshots of poverty and decay, certain images have mobilized public grievances. But they’ve also captured moments of celebration, of victory and of triumph. Photographs paradoxically speak for themselves, but also let you speak through them. This is why The Caravan is dedicated to maintaining an ardent commitment to photojournalism as well.

Carte Postale From South Africa: Walking Within the Shadow of Apartheid

By: Deena Sabry

The Apartheid museum is a testament to the endurance of South Africa’s racial regime. Although officially dismantled, it remains clear that its memory looms over the nation still. It would be naive to claim that racial discrimination ended with the release of Mandela; huge socioeconomic differences between Blankes and Nie-Blankes persist to this day, demonstrating just how deeply effective the apartheid system was.

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