Tuesday, June, 27 2017

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  • 13 Reasons Why and the Dangers of Glorifying Suicide

    The day Netflix aired 13 Reasons Why I felt a knot form in the pit of my stomach.

  • Editor’s Note: Mental Health and Social Stigma in Egypt

    Sadly, the conventional wisdom here is that seeking help is an admission of weakness, as something that brings shame and dishonor to the family. But until we stop and reconsider the effects of this stigma on compounding mental illnesses, we cannot expect the situation to get any better.

  • Letter from Washington: Violence in the Time of Engagement

    Walking through the marble halls of the White House, I was struck with an apparent falsity – how could a place so stark, so clinical, be the heart of some of the most violent engagements in history?

  • Letter from Nepal: What Development Won’t Tell You about the Third World

    We often have a certain stock image of what constitutes an underdeveloped country: heavily crowded, dirty slums, high crime rates and possible political unrest spread throughout. During Spring Break I visited the anomaly of all underdeveloped countries: Nepal.

  • A New Wave of United States-Egypt Relations in the Age of Trump?

    The election of US President Donald Trump has brought about a new outlook on the future of US-Egypt relations.

  • Eye in the Sky: Senate Awaits Policy on Security Cameras

    After a protracted delay, the AUC Senate last week discussed the issue of surveillance cameras on campus and whether these impinged on academic freedom and privacy.

  • When Will it be My Time to March? Women in the Contemporary Public Space

    Egyptian women have never owned any aspect of the public space, not only when it comes to protesting, but even when it comes to exercising some of the simplest and most basic rights like going out for a walk at night or wearing what would be seen as ‘revealing’ — all signs that a woman is “asking for it”.

  • The Scarlet Letter: Israel, the Politics of Language and the “A-Word”

    The European Jewry during the Second World War were branded with the Star of David in an intensified mass perversion of the same condemnation Heter Prynne was subjected to. But it seems as though the Palestinians today do not need to wear a scarlet letter or a golden star to suffer from very similar oppressions.

  • Drubbing Barriers

    Your brain is slightly deteriorating now. You almost die. You enter a coma. And after 28 days on ventilators and whatnot, your family and friends started to lose hope of your return.

  • Women of Interest: Heba El Sewedy

    By: Malak Sekaly @MalakSekaly Known as “Egypt’s Mother Theresa”, philanthropist Heba El Sewedy has held out her hand to the underprivileged for years. Current founder and chairwoman of the first non-governmental organization (NGO) for burn survivors in the region; El Sewedy’s passion has touched many hearts. From Egypt’s leading family in the cables and electronics […]

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